New Download for "Spring Has Come"

Dear girls,
I´m so sorry that there was a problem with the download. Thank you for telling me this! Now I changed it and you can also download the elements. I hope you all will come back to grab the missing elements here in the first download-cloud.
Wish you happy scrapping with this kit!



Kyra hat gesagt…

Hallo Minoush,
A bloglayout isn;t that hard to make. You just(for the easy way) need a template(which I can send you, a very simple one)and some nice papers or tubes or whatever you like as layout. Then it's all up to your creativity. Size to make it is about 1400 to 1100 pixels. It depends a bit on your monitor and the usual size of the screens of the visitors of a blog. Then just upload the picture to a picture hosting like tinypic or photobucket, you copy the direct link to your notebooek and then edit it in your template html. Not difficult, as even I understood how to do it LOL. So if you want some help you can always ask me. If I cannot answer some questions I know some places to get them. Have a lovely day.

Carol hat gesagt…

Hello, my dear sister!
I am so glad you let me know...
Your blog is very lovely. I love the colours you use and the gorgeous romantic images, all softly vintage. I am sure your shop is a great success.
I even love your music!
I've added you to my Reader ;-)
Juno's Place
Cards by Carol

Pauline hat gesagt…

Dear Minoush,
Thank you for your lovely kit 'Spring has come'. But also for the little note you left on my blog. Your words of comfort are so very true.
I made a wonderfull LO with your kit 'Vintage Inspiration'. I'm gonna show it on my blog. If you'ld like the QP of it, just let me know and i'll send it to you.
Hugs Pauline

Kathery hat gesagt…

You have an absolutely beautiful style :)

Thank you for sharing, Minoush!