"Dreams In Moonlight" - round 3 of design contest

I am very happy to get to the round 3 of the Next Designer Contest at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
This time it was really a big challenge to follow the rules of the round.
We were not allowed to use any cu-items made by others (the only exception was a little cu-grab bag from theStudio-designers) and should use only standard tools in our graphic programm.
No other brushes, shapes, patterns, textures, filters and so on were allowed to use!

We´ve got a color palette and should decide one additional color.
I am a pink-junkie, therefore my kit is with a large amount of pink.

Once again, the theme of the kit should be "moon".

These rules challenged the design skills and so I made my own brushes and shapes, I photographed (no, my husband did) and scanned and exctracted and retouched and colored as fast as I can.
There were only 5 days to finish the kit.
It was a few minutes befor the deadline as I postet my entry. I was lucky.

Now I hope you like my new minikit and have some dreamy little girl pictures to scrap it.
For only a few days it will be for free, after the contest you will find all the "moon"-minikits in my shop.

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Jan hat gesagt…

Thank you so much for such a beautiful mini kit.

joelsuma hat gesagt…

Dein Kit, liebe Minoush, ist sehr schön. Wie schade, dass der download über Mediafire geht, da hab ich mir im letzten Jahr einen Trojaner eingefangen :(((.
LG joelsuma